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Lamella plate separators (LPS) consists of two main components, the upper tank containing the lamella plates inclined at 55 degree and the lower conical or cylindrical sludge tank. The feed for the LPS enters through vertical chambers on either side of the lamella packs and passes into each plate gap through slotted feed ports. Clarification takes place above the suspension inlet so there is no mixing of the clarified fluid with the incoming feed.

Above each pack is a full-length overflow launder fitted with throttling holes to create a slight hydraulic back pressure on the incoming feed stream. This method of feed control guarantees equal distribution to all lamella chambers with minimum turbulence at the entry points. The solids settle onto and slide down each lamella plate to the sludge tank where the solids are further thickened and compressed with the assistance of the raking system.

• Heavy duty construction of tank, sludge hopper and lamella plate packs, as well as the rake system.
Rake lifting mechanism as option.
• Positioning of specifically designed
feed ports for optimum ratio between clarification and thickening area
• Wide spacing of lamella plates to handle high density feed pulps and coarse solid particles.
• No short circuiting or surface turbulence
• Integrated flocculator with variable speed stirrer

Lower Installation Costs:
• Delivered as one-piece unit or in prefabricated sections
• Smaller foundations
• less floor space
• Square outline for easier planning and construction.

Flexibility For Plant Changes Or Extension:
• Can be installed in any system
• Easy to relocate to adapt to process changes

Simplified In Plant Installation:
• Shorter pipe work runs.
• High level installation for gravity feed to downstream Processes
• Easier supervision.

Small Internal Volume And Surface Area:
• Easily insulated against heat loss or toxic fume emissions
• Evaporative losses are minimized.

Simple Construction Of Sheet Steel And Standard Profiles:
• Special materials and coatings can easily be incorporated
• Easy to maintain


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